Announcing MiddleButtonScroll for Safari 5

By Loren Segal on June 06, 2010 at 626:1258:106 PM

A while back (in May), I made a Chrome extension called MiddleButtonScroll for the then new extension support. Now that Safari 5 is out with extension support of its own (and from a first glance, slightly improved extension support), I’ve ported my extension over to Safari.

This has been a nagging issue for me in Safari for a long time. Although WebKit does support pan scrolling out of the box, it does require a compile switch to enable and the OS X builds always seem to disable it for some reason. This extension enables pan scrolling but with a big advantage: it’s better.

MiddleButtonScroll 1.0

You can download it for Safari 5 here: MiddleButtonScroll 1.0

Middle Button Scroll Icon

(Yep, that’s a fancy new icon.)

Installation Instructions

Simply download the .safariextz file and double click on it in your Finder and Safari will auto-install it. That’s all there is to it!

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